Dato' Sri Dr. Alex Teh Chee Teong, Executive Director
Dato' Sri Dr. Alex Teh Chee Teong has extensive experience in the corporate sector, with investment experience within the property market. He was appointed the Investment Manager for Top Creation Investments Limited in March 2011, an AIM traded company. He has a contact base within the Asia Pacific region, and holds several positions including Malaysian branch president for international agencies such as Home and Abroad News Press Hong Kong, and the Universal Chinese Sports China. He is also the Vice President for the World Chinese Overseas Investment Head Association based in the United States of America.
Geoffrey Baillie Fielding , Non Executive Director
Geoffrey Baillie Fielding trained as a lawyer before moving to the the City of London as a stockbroker in 1968. He has held interests and directorships in a numbers of companies across a variety of sectors, including international property, energy, investment and securities trading, before establishing The Investor Relations Partnership Ltd in 2004. In the following years Geoffrey gradually built up and extended his contact base and knowledge of business opportunities in South East Asia with a particular emphasis on Malaysia, the Philippines and China, eventually moving to the region on a permanent basis in 2008.

The Remuneration Committee is chaired by Geoffrey Baillie Fielding. The Remuneration Committee is responsible for reviewing the performance of the executives, setting their remuneration, determining the payment of bonuses and, in particular, the price per share and the application of performance standards which may apply to any such grant.
Mohd Anuar Bin Mohd Hanadzlah, Non Executive Director
Mohd Anuar Bin Mohd Hanadzlah started his career as an auditor with Azman Wong Salleh & Co, Kuala Lumpar, and has worked at a number of companies in his capacity as an accountant. He has worked within a variety of departments across a range of companies including finance, sales, marketing and mining. In 2007 he joined Worldgate Express Services Sdn Bhd. Subsequent to his role as an adviser, he was appointed as the Chief Operations Officer.

The Audit Committee is chaired by Mohd. Anuar Bin Mohd. Hanadzlah and meets at least once every five month. The Audit Committee is responsible for ensuring that appropriate financial reporting procedures are properly maintained and reported on and for meeting with the Group's auditors and reviewing their reports on the accounts and the Group's internal controls.

The Risks Committee is chaired by Mohd. Anuar Bin Mohd. Hanazlah . The Risks Committee is responsible for reviewing the compliance with regulatory and industry standards for environmental performance and occupational health and safety of personnel and the communities affected by the Company.
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